Wait, what?!

Welcome to the Coven witches!

We've been wearing our casting hats and stirring that cauldron to conjure a couple of features on our website to bring everyone closer together. Some divination and clairvoyance spells and all that delicious stuff. Leave your broom at the door and come on in, we've got lots to show you.

The Crystal Ball

Look deep inside... deeper... deeper still! Peek at what the rest of the Witches are up to in The Crystal Ball. You can also quick-access The Crystal Ball from the small tab at the bottom left of the page.

You can see what's been popular recently, the latest product reviews, and posts by others in the Cult. Want to share your news, photos, links? Click the "+ Share" button on the top right and get that telepathic link going with the rest of the Coven.

You can also quickly fave anything you fancy, share in social networks, or just drop that dream ring straight in the shopping bag.

If you don't want your activity to be visible in The Crystal Ball, make sure you go to your Edit Profile page and untick "Yes, share my purchases into Feed".

Other Witches

All you wonderful people are right here. See what others are faving and follow them to get notified when they share something, like a review or a new photo.


Your profile page at the Coven is right here. See the profiles of all the other Witches in the page above. Click the edit button on the right of your username to tell the world something about yourself. You can also choose which of your social media accounts are visible. For the full set of options go to the Edit Profile page and choose your profile address, connect social accounts, and choose what notifications you'd liek to receive.

You can also choose a photo for yourself. If you link a social account, a photot will be pulled automatically, but you can also upload your own.

All these links are available on the top navigation menu, next to your username. Just make sure you are logged in and you'll see the dropdown link.

If you don't want your profile to be visible publicly, make sure you go to your Edit Profile page and choose "only those you approve" in the Privacy section. Especially useful if you are gathering a faves for gift giving. ;)


Fave the crap out of everything... or delicately handpick a couple of designs... we won't judge either way. Your faves are here and also at your profile page.

Pass the link to the faves page to the people who owe you gifts and let the good vibes flow.

Shop Our Instagram

What sorcery is this!?! Go to our Shop Instagram page and you will be able to see exactly which designs are featured in this photo. Craving that ring your favourite gorgeous model is wearing? You'll find it tagged and linking straight to the product page so you can get shopping! Yummy.

Join #RogueAndWolf

Sometimes sorcery goes too far, that's why witches were burned! Come on over to our Join #RogueAndWolf page and you will find all the photos of you beautiful people on Instagram with the hashtag #RogueAndWolf. And all our designs will be tagged and linked to the product pages so you can get shopping inspiration from the most amazing people in the world: each other.