About Purchases


Can I add things to my order after I placed it?

I need a very specific ring size, can you make it happen?

Can I cancel my order?

Can I have this design in another material or finish?

Can you substitute a gem for me?


How can I use my Spell Points?

How do I use my coupon?

Your items are on sale with a reduced price, can I also use a coupon?

My payment won’t go through, WTF?!

What's up with the "inc. tax" price displayed on your products?

My bank charged me more than it says in the invoice you sent to me. Was I overcharged WTF?!

Can I use pre-paid credit cards to pay for my order?

What if I need a refund after paying with a pre-paid credit card?

I want to order a gazillion pieces, can I get a discount?!


What shipping options do you offer?

Do you ship to my country?

Where can I track my order?

What are the transit times / delivery estimates within the UK?

What are the transit times / delivery estimates for the rest of the world?

I can't wait to get my stuff, why hasn't my order shipped?

I can only see an International Tracked/Signed/Express shipping option. I want my cheaper Standard shipping!

I can only see a DHL shipping option! What?!

I placed an order with DHL delivery but I'm another courier delivered it. What's up with that?

Will you pay for any customs fees?

Returns & Refunds

Can I exchange my rings for a different size?

Can I exchange my clothing for a different size?

Can I exchange pet clothes for a different size?

Can I get a refund for my return?

My ring broke, can anything be done about it?


Can I shop at a Rogue + Wolf store in person and try stuff on?

General Questions

Jewellery Materials and Care

What is the material the black jewellery are made of?

What is the material the steel jewellery are made of?

Can my jewellery wear off?

How can I take care of my black/steel jewellery?

How to prevent my skin from staining when wearing steel rings?

My steel ring is a different colour than the photo. Why is that?

Phone Cases

You don't have any phone cases for my phone. WTF guys?

What's the material of my Mirror Gold phone case?

How should I care for my Mirror Gold phone case?

Other stuff

I'm a blogger and I want to work with you. What can I do?

OMG, I wanna model for Rogue + Wolf! Can I?

Where is the newsletter sign-up form?