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    Step by step instructions to enroll

    To enroll into our awesome affiliates program, you need to go through these 3 simple steps: enroll, then after you are approved log in, and finally enter your details so we can pay you! Simples. ;)
    Welcome aboard!

    1. Enroll
    Go to the enrollment page:

    Fill in your name and email address.
    Use your real name as it appears on your ID or passport please.
    Choose a password and make a note of it.
    Click "Apply".

    We will then check your application and approve it.
    You will receive an email very soon.

    2. Log in
    Once you are approved you can log in here:

    You can see your unique referral link. Copy it and paste it anywhere you want! People who follow the link and make a purchase within 30 days will be counted as your commission.

    3. Payment setup
    Just a couple more steps to setup up completely so we can pay you!
    Click on Settings. Click on Name & Address.
    Fill in all your details, including phone number and address.
    Click on Save Changes.

    We just need these details for tax reporting purposes, we will not pester you with any calls or letters! 😄

    Finally, click on Payment Settings and enter your Paypal email address.
    Click on Save Changes.

    That's it! You're all set up!



    1. Sounds amazing but are there any costs for me? Absolutely no! It's free to become an Affiliate but it's very exclusive! You never make payments, you just focus on what you do best (being inspirational & awesome at promoting!) and you receive your commission. Happy times! 🙂
    2. Cool, so is there a minimum commission? Yes. Commission is paid only if it is £50.00 (50.00 UK Pounds) or more. Worry not though, if it is less, you don't lose it! It is carried forward to the next period.
    3. Okay I'm stocked! What do I need to do?! Cool we are too! 🙂 First please read carefully our Affiliate Terms and Conditions so you are up to date for all the technical (sometimes boring but super important) details. Then follow the Invitation Link and Join Affiliates page and fill out the simple form. We will receive your request and after reviewing you will receive an email confirmation when your Affiliation is activated. You will be given a unique link to use, copy it and start promoting with it. The more places you use it and encourage people to follow it, the better your earnings will be! So choose the placement of your link carefully by their popularity, importance and chances of people seeing it! Wearing, modeling or photographing our products in smart, playful and in-brand ways will increase your conversion to sales. 
    4. Where do I place the link again? You worked hard to bring up your audience to love you, we know it's a lot of hard work of devotion and care, so take advantage of the audience you've built to earn. We'd suggest to use your most popular Social Accounts/ Blogs/Posts/Photos/Tweets or Pins etc and to keep reminding people to follow the link often so you see your earnings multiplying fast every month. 
    5. I'm a free spirit, can I make my own link? No please don't! While we love you creative, if you do use any other than the provided link, none of the sales generated will be tracked. You need to use the special links as they include the codes to generate your commission and so we know where these came from. 
    6. When is my commission paid? Payments are made once per month, on or about the end of every month, for the previous month's commissions (ex: December commissions are paid January 30th). This gives us enough time to process any refunds or returns that may have occurred from sales associated with your link and minimise administrative back and forths.
    7. Can I get paid by Bank transfer, pigeon or any other magical incantation? No, payments are only made through Paypal, the fastest and easiest way for all of us or paid to you as Store Credit for getting whatever your black heart desires for free. 
    8. Bling Bling! $$ Can I check on my earnings & how my commission is going? Sure thing! You will have your own personalised dashboard with real time reporting and sales tracking. We advise Caution! It can get quite addictive watching the numbers go up! ;)
    9. So, can anyone become an Affiliate? Hmmm... not really! Which is good news for you because if you are reading this, you are one of the few selected to enter the Inner Circle of Rogue + Wolf and work with us to earn & grow on our side. When the time comes we will open up more places and permit more affiliates to join but we will still be screening each application so we maintain the quality of our Inner Circle. 
    10. Remind me again, which sales do I get commission on exactly? We pay commission on all sales during the visit to our site directly from your link. The commission applies to the prices shown on the Rogue + Wolf website before shipping or taxes are added. If any customer subsequently returns an item or payment is refunded in full or part for any reason, we will deduct the sale accordingly from your commission.

    Hey! Have more questions we didn't think here? Good on you! 😄
    You're always welcome to contact us at any time.


    Advanced Affiliate link features

    There's a couple advanced features in your affiliate page:

    Feel free to use them but please note that it is your responsibility to use a correct link. If there are any mistakes, the purchases will not track and we cannot correct this.

    Shorten link
    You can quickly shorten your link using Bitly by clicking the link "Shorten link (Bitly)". This will use Bitly to give you a shorter version of your link.
    If you want to see the full link again, just refresh the page.

    Create link to a specific page
    You can use this feature to direct people to a specific category or product. This will append your unique code to any page.
    Click on the link and paste in the page you need to link to. Click on the "Create Link" button.
    You can then copy the link or further shorten it with Bitly before copying.