Witches of the Week!

You fearless witchy sisters have us hooked, pummelling our realm with your killa pics. Has your photo clawed it's way here this week? Read more if you dare..! 

50 shades of blue and toxic chills. t.arane, making a hypnotising appearance in her adored Matte Black Eclipse necklace. A madness mix of colours, green purple and blue, spot any others? All we certainly know is she so knows how to work this getup and is ready to take on the witchy world. 

Next up and taking centre stage, matching black with black, cos' there's no better way! Daring doll @agashibychristinao bringing along her Matte Black shinies to funk up her dark godess look. The Chase combined with the Betray gives this gal the hellish vision she needs to break through her deepest spells. 

Making her magic like no ones watching. @ja_zm_in_, taking in and channelling that inner witch with the help of her trusty Rogue + Wolf gems. Always on the look out for danger and keeping it fun, right witches! Covered in everything black, the Occult, Dagger choker and Eclipse necklace making a spell-tastic eerie look no witch can forget. 

Our final spot goes to the minimalist but defo not dull @ritsyx. Smashing them dreams of madness, leaving nothing much to the imagination. Workin' midis and rings, the Hunt and Occult looking wild with the much needed addition of the Chase ring. These wicked pearly white claws shout out a risk to all, so beware. Hell yeah, just how you want it to be, hehe!

What a line up that was! It's clear to see you are all lovin' your Matte Black jewels! We would so love to see you shakin' up your looks with some Old Steel and Slate Steel gems. Send them in to Instagram with #rogueandwolf and watch this space, you may just see yourself here next week. See you then cult, Laura :) 


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