Have you been keeping your resolutions?

Hello again witches and wizards of the world! How's 2018 treating you?

If you've been keeping a keen eye on your inbox, or even just casually browsing your phone whilst at school/work, you've probably seen a newsletter from us about resolutions.

Go and open it. We'll have a brew while we wait.

Did our Oracle get it right? You've either kept your resolutions or broken them. You probably also saw the amazing 20% discount code in there.

We're rewarding you either way, but to get the discount you have to admit to us whether you've been naughty or nice so far in 2018 when you check out!

The sale will last 48 hours, but we're giving our loyal Coven a 24 hour head start through our newsletter! Everyone else, sign up now and wait until we release the codes in 24 hours!

Keep being you,

🖤 Rogue + Wolf 🖤 

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