Size Guide - Rings

Ring Size Guide

US Size Diameter Circumference UK
US 3 14.1mm 44.2mm F
US 4 14.9mm 46.8mm H
US 5 15.7mm 49.3mm J1⁄2
US 6 16.5mm 51.9mm L1⁄2
US 7 17.3mm 54.4mm N1⁄2
US 8 18.0mm 57.0mm P1⁄2
US 9 19.0mm 59.5mm R1⁄2
US 10 19.8mm 62.1mm T1⁄2
US 11 20.6mm 64.6mm V1⁄2
US 12 21.4mm 67.2mm X1⁄2

A more extensive size table can be found in Wikipedia.

Keep an eye for our notes on a few rings with a wild personality! For example a 'long ring', that covers much of the finger, probably needs a size up for a more comfortable fit.

How to measure your ring size

We can recommend a few ways to find your ring size and ranking them from best to worst.

1. Leave it to the Professionals

You can get your ring size professionally measured at any jeweller's, they will usually offer this service for free.

2. Get a Ring Sizer

You can buy cheap plastic ring sizers all over the internet and they work really well. Keep a small one with your ring stash and you won't have to think about ring sizes again.

3. Measure a Ring You Own

Take a ring that feels comfortable at the finger you plan on wearing your new ring. Measure the inside diameter of the ring with a ruler or tape (that's the distance from one side to the other at the widest point). You should come up with a number close to the ones shown above.

Measuring the circumference of your finger with a soft tape is not accurate and can result in funky measurements. We advise against it.

If you need any further help we are always here to help!