Hey Coven! We've been concocting something extra magical for you!
Our first super witchy
 phone cases!
Squeezing fairies into 'Love Potions' and brewing Unicorns for your pleasure! 
Get drunk in love with your LOVE POTION phone case. Hundreds of fairies were squeezed into this brew for your pleasure so drink responsibly and abuse at your own risk!

Warning! May produce obsessive behaviour in those who lay eyes upon you n' ya mystical love potion phone case
Check out our NEW UNICORN BREW soft silicone phone cases, coloured with actual unicorn tears (yes, they are turquoise). A black witch's cauldron brewing the red stuff of nightmares and whatever's left from a unicorn. :D

We didn't pay much attention to the recipe so drinking this brew will either turn you into a unicorn or you just consumed the last unicorn. Oops.
As these babies are NEW we started with IPhone 6, 6s, + 7
However we will release more, all we need you guys to do is head to the 
here and fill out our survey so we can see what phones to add to the collection next. 
Share your pics with us at #rogueandwolf

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  • Jelitza

    IPhone 7+ please!

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