What To Watch This Halloween

What To Watch This Halloween
If you're anything like us you probably watch horror films all year round, but that doesn't mean you can't watch even more in October! And those of you that aren't such big horror fans, we bet you'll still be sitting down for a few come Halloween night? After all, what is life without a good scare? 😈

Here's our Top 10 Horror Films to give you a fright (or maybe even a laugh) during Halloween this year:

Evil Dead
No need to be picky: the entire Evil Dead franchise is awesome. If you like low-budget practical effects, go for the first one. If you want it a little scarier, Evil Dead 2. Want it completely ridiculous? Medieval Dead! And if you want something truly gorey, minus the comedic effect, go for the recent reboot: it's amazing what they can do with practical effects when given a proper Hollywood budget. And don't worry, you still get to see Bruce Campbell if you sit through the end credits ;)

Again, either version will do. Tim Curry's Pennywise is iconic, but the kids in the remake are amazing.

The Witch
This is a slow-burner. Dark, brooding, disturbing (you should've seen my face within the first 2 minutes of watching it). If you want something full of jump-scares you probably won't have the patience for this, but if you do have the patience, it's well worth a watch.

A Peter Jackson masterpiece, and a far cry from The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, this film is an absolute cringe-inducing, stomach-turning splatter fest of gore. Stupid, hilarious, very dated, and brilliant.

Shaun Of The Dead
The original Rom-Zom-Com. British humour, great soundtrack, a plethora of British stars. Some say this film is overrated but I never get bored of it! I also feel like this film most accurately portrays how most of us would actually react in the event of a zombie apocalypse as well, and as they say, films are better when you can identify with the characters.

Loosely based on Lovecraft's 'Herbert West - Reanimator', and starring Jeffrey Combs, this film is more daft than scary, but a must-see nonetheless for any horror fan. It's a classic IMO.

The Frighteners
Another Peter Jackson film, and also starring Jeffrey Combs in a rather more secondary role (our protagonist is Michael J. Fox), this is another funny one (I'm sensing a theme here...), but it's also got some fairly spooky bits in it I reckon.

They're heeeere... This is such a classic. Arguably a lot scarier when it came out over 30 years ago, it seems pretty tame now as far as horror films go. If you haven't seen this film, you're probably still aware of so many horror tropes that come from this film, even if you don't realise it.

The Void
Rather more recent, but with a wonderfully '80s horror vibe, this film reminds me of a cross between Hellraiser and The Thing (and there's 2 extra films for you). Nonsensical and gorey, but done with modern effects. This film is ace, even if it could've really done without the last couple of minutes...

The Lost Boys
Everything about this film is amazing: the actors, the soundtrack, the hair! If the words Santa Carla don't mean anything to you, then you need to watch this film and educate yourself immediately. Unashamedly '80s and with an absolute bloodbath to finish off, this film is a masterpiece!

Return Of The Living Dead
Brains... braaains! If you ever wondered where that trope comes from, now you know. This comedy-horror with a punk rock soundtrack is deservedly a cult classic.

It has come to my attention that after writing a small note for you about each of these films in our Top 10 Horror Films, I've actually listed 11 films. Oh well! I've written it now so I'm not going to get rid of anything! Even those 2 bonus ones I mentioned. In other words, you've got plenty to get watching this Halloween! So go sit in front of the telly, eat lots of candy and let your brain melt for a few hours! Have fun! 👻

Spooks & kisses! 🎃

Rogue + Wolf 🖤

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