10 Commandments of Rogue + Wolf

We want to live in a world full of kindness and love so that's how we roll! We put values and people first and try to make the world a better place.

Everyone working with us will get a fair pay. We don't do unpaid internships, that sh*t is vile! We will always treat you and everyone else with care and understanding. We all get just one chance in this life, would be a shame to waste it on being selfish.We'll never gouge you on the prices, we honestly try to find the lowest price that will pay the bills. OK capitalism got us this far but let's not get carried away and try and do things better now. We hate corporatism and the corruption it brings. Profit isn't everything, it's just a natural outcome of a job well done.

Okay we love animals! Who doesn't?! Shouldn't need to say anything more than that but for the record, we love them means we don't exploit them or use any industry, material or method that abuses or uses animals in any way. We like them more alive and happy that's all! 🙂 And you know what, it's not that hard these days, there are plenty of great non-animal alternatives to any material or manufacturing process. Let's try and reduce suffering as much as possible around the world, both for humans and our animal neighbours. Live and let live!

From the first idea to the last stage of manufacturing we design everything in house with our small and dedicated team. We pride ourselves in designing everything ourselves, after all, that's how the brand started, with 2 designers full of love & passion for good design. We don't outsource our creativity, where's the fun in that?!

We make each design with intense attention to detail & quality at each stage of the manufacturing. We'd rather sell one smashingly good product than sell a thousand "ok" ones. We personally wear our products every day before we launch them, so we try them out for you and keep wearing them afterwards because we love them (and we get compliments too! 🙂).

We started our journey more than a decade ago with 3D printed jewelry and massive dreams: increase adoption of this magical on-demand technology and bring a sustainable, smarter future ever so slightly closer. We had many wild adventures along the way driven by our passion for design but our drive for a better future remains. We believe that on-demand production is our future, manufacturing products precisely when they are needed by you, our dear customer. We can produce closer to your home, when you need it, massively reducing waste and pollution.

And you know what’s the magical promised future? We design, you download and 3D print your clothes and homeware right in your home. It’s closer than you think and hope you’ll be with us on our adventures until then!

We are very grateful that you have chosen to spend your hard earned money on our work. We wouldn't want anything less than you being happy with your shopping. If you don't like what you just got, you can return it within 60 days and you will get your full money back. No ifs no buts. We don't deserve to get paid unless we sparked some joy in your life. ✨

We are a small team of normal (sort of! 😅) gals & guys that really enjoy taking care of you. We reply in 1 business day or less and try and solve problems in the simplest way for you. We want you to have fun shopping with us, not worrying about this and that. If you need anything, anything at all, just drop us a line by email or get in touch on Instagram or Facebook. We're here to listen to you and bring magic in your life!

Thank you for a smashing 4.75/5 average across more than 5,000 reviews! And another 3,500 reviews on our Etsy shop, average 4.8/5 ⭐️! We are transparent with real reviews on all products. More than just that, we use your reviews as an opportunity to learn and improve our quality or fix our mistakes. If a complaint comes in, the whole team knows and we try to fix it. We make the best out of your feedback to identify issues in our products and improve with each new cycle of manufacturing. Your comments will not be ignored and we will always make up for any hiccups.

We hate shipping costs as much as you do! There are NO catches or hidden costs within our prices and we don't make any profit from shipping. We just charge directly what the shipping companies charge us. We tried to offer free shipping worldwide (in a 6-month-long experiment that cost us a ton!) but it's not easy even for massive corporations, never mind a small indie brand like ours. So instead we charge exactly what it costs and we keep looking for ways to keep shipping costs as low as possible.

Sometimes a size doesn't fit, sometimes you change your mind, sometimes your cat hates that new tee. It Saul Goodman, you can return anything within 60 days and we'll make it as easy as possible. Free returns in the UK but return shipping is on you everywhere else, sorry about that. (We've tried to set up international free returns but it's next to impossible! If you actually know a way, drop us a line!)