Sizzling Summer Sorceress

So if, like us, you're having a super sunny summer so far, then you'll want to stay chill without compromising that wicked witchy look. Here are some looks from our Polyvore page to keep you cool and casting all day long.

This ultra cute look is purrfect for those days you want to bare some skin. Just add our kitty themed ring and choker, and this will keep you looking cool as a witch's best friend.

With this drop-dead gorgeous shirt, you'll stay light and airy whilst looking killer and rocking out to your favourite band. Layering on plenty of bad ass matte black rings and necklaces will mean a dark festival look to die for!

So this one goes out to all my pastels. Light colours are perfect for hot weather, so let your unicorn out and embrace the light! Add some of our slate steel to edge it up a bit, and you'll be a perfect prancing princess in no time. (Add black lips and a smoky eye if the pink gets too much for you!)

So there's a party at the coven and you need to look magic. Can't go wrong with all black! This bewitching bikini and Draco, Chronos and the Cat Skull choker will all sit beautifully under that big black witchy hat.


On the other hand, you could only come out at night?! What are your plans to make the most of the sunshine? Let me know, we really love to hear from you guys. Remember to tag us and use a #rogueandwolf on Instagram so we can check out your delightful faces! Stay lovely, Hannah x

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