Wig Envy

It's that time again when we get you lusting for a new look, but hey at least this way isn't so damaging.. hair dying is becoming a thing of the past for witches and these witch-dolls are gonna show you just how fierce you can look with a wig! Don't say we didn't warn you.. ♥

This colour has been all the rage this past year and @kinashen sure shows us why! This lil goddess knows how to stand out in her silver locks, it's the perfect contrast between her Matte Black pieces and looks killa paired with everything. We're rather jealous of her hypnotic contact lenses too, now that's another trend we need to hop on!! All in all this witch-doll just slays this wig.

Dark beauty, @hopiechan absolutely kills it in all black look. From a jet black wig, to a witchy fedora and the 'Rune' midi the whole vibe screams badass witch-doll. Black hair is one bomb colour that suits every soul but we all know it's not the easiest to change back from, which is why a wig is the perf solution to showing off your gothic bones.


This wig is for the bold, brave and beautiful witches, like @theproserpina! A red and orange ombre is fab for those days your feeling a lil fiery and fearless. This witch basically is anything but basic completing her be-witching look with our 'Eclipse' #necklace. Would you let your fierceness out with this wig colour?

Our envy is spiralling out of control for each of these stunning looks, these dolls have definitely shown us how to rock almost every colour. Do you have a favourite or have you created some kind of combination of each look, we'd love to hear about it in the comments! Don't forget to tag yourself pulling off your hellish wigs with #rogueandwolf, you might just make it onto our next edition of envious hair styles! Have a wonderful week, Sophie. ♥

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