Cats of Rogue+Wolf

Having a rough day? Take a mewment to admire this purrfect selection of cats belonging to our pawsome fans! 
This meownificent little girl comes from @chiarocosplay. He just loves the taste of our 'Occult' and 'Hunt' midis. 

This hansome fella is Salem, and we are so very jealous of @that_blonde_b1tch's killer claws paired with our 'Hunt' midi.


Little Luna gazes into her future with the help of our 'Lupus' ring, looking fab on @ifelldownthatrabbithole.

@honeyjackson has some cattitude on her hands with this brooding look, as well as our matte black 'Occult' and 'Chronos' midis.


Can't get enough of our witch's best friends? Head over to our Instagram to check out loads more. Don't forget to tag your R+W gear with #rogueandwolf and we'll check it out! You may even be featured in an upcoming blog. Have a wonderful Caturday my lovelies, Hannah x

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