Tattoo Envy

We've been spotting so much beautiful body art recently on our Insta, so we thought we'd share some of our favourites. From tiny delicate details, to full arm sleeves, get your #tattooinspo here.


This dark witch-doll's black and white ink looks amazing with our 'Glyph of Hatred' pendant.  @zoemelissamae knows how to rock this killer monochrome look.


Our absolute fav chick @kimiperi rocks our 'Rune' ring, along with some ultra cute and cool mini hand tats, that add a little extra flourish to any look perfectly.


Perfectly paired with our 'Eclipse' necklace, @daisydarlingx's colourful artwork gives her a wonderful edge to her beauty.


Do you have any ink? Thinking of getting my first soon... Don't forget to use a #rogueandwolf so we can check you lovelies out! Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine, Hannah x

P.S. There's a sale on at the mo on everything Matte Black, so go grab your witchin accessories whilst stocks last!

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