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Welcome to the new home of The Rogue + The Wolf, so good to see you here. Please stay as long as you wish, but we will keep your heart when you take your leave. We are Eloise H. R. and Michael W., designers, makers, and creators of The Rogue + The Wolf. We design adornments for your life that steal all the attention when they are around you. Come on over and visit the shop or just have fun here at our sparkling new website. Our deepest thanks to all our fans who have supported us over the last year since The Rogue + The Wolf was born and to the 3ManFactory for working really hard with us to build this new home. We are embarking on a great adventure, feel free to join us, we certainly want you along for the ride. Take care and do not worry, your heart is safe with us, Eloise and Michael The Rogue + The Wolf

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