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Well, in case you just stumbled here and since we are so new ourselves, here's a couple of our designs that I personally like. Hey we design things that we enjoy! And now you can get well on the road of enjoying them too.

bronze cat ears ring


Stainless steel cat skull ring in antique bronze finish

I wear this on my little finger. I like that it is essentially a very feminine design, conceptually feminine as well, but in this specific version it looks very grungy on my knuckly hands. If you pester me enough I may share a photo of me wearing it.

gold cat ears ring

Gold plated stainless steel cat ears ring

This ring came about out of love for Japanese culture but it seems to be well loved around the world regardless. Not the least because Eloise took a whole day to carefully sculpt the delicate cat ears. I love seeing her wear it, so playful. <3  

Black White tailed Deer



White tailed deer faux taxidermy in black

Even though some of the other taxidermy pieces in the line are more imposing, man I love this piece. Eloise just nailed the antlers, in an exquisite way that I have found difficult to express. It somehow calms me looking at it, the antlers are captivating, and I have it by my office to enjoy. So I guess that means we are designers and consumers of our own products. I should write a book about it sometime. Hug you all, Michael

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