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When people ask about our profession we usually tell them we are 'designers' and they invariably ask "what kind of designers?" or "what do you design exactly?". I want to tell them that we don't want to limit ourselves by narrowing down the definition but that would make for long conversations. So I usually cope out with 'product designers' and throw a couple examples of what we have designed this far: jewellery, homeware. That seems to satisfy people's curiosity well enough for a while. If we are in a good mood we might say that we design for additive manufacturing or 3D printing and then the puzzled looks pop up. Now, don't even go to using the term 'maker', or trying to explain that Eloise is also an artist. Let's talk about 3D printing instead. 3D printing is not unlike normal printing from your inkjet printer, though instead of ink, something more solid is used like plastic or metal. And instead of stopping at one layer of printing, the 3D printer just keeps piling the layers one on top of another until a physical object is completely printed. Look no further than our shop to see many examples of 3D printing, all our designs are 3D printed.

Bison Ring

This came out of a printer

Over the last year and a bit, we have sold around the world more than 4,000 3D printed designs with overwhelmingly positive response. And we haven't even started yet. It took a while for us to build the internal infrastructure and gather all the skills required, after all 2 years ago neither of us knew how to use a 3D CAD program. Now we are producing new designs at a very fast pace and focusing on the original plan: constant innovation, new wild ideas coming to reality every day with a speed and flair that only 3D printing can sustain. So stay a while and join the ride, it's going to be a wild one.

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  • Megan

    I am a second year student at the University of Huddersfield and I am currently doing a assignment on 3D printing. This assignment involves finding primary research which I believe could be done by meeting with one of your team to discuss the impact 3D printing has had on the fashion industry. After discovering your brand I would be excited to include it in my assignment as I believe it is unique and a example of a brand which is doing it right in terms of 3D printing. I would love to hear back from you to discuss this further.
    Thank you.

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