New Jewelry In The Shop

Yum yum! I have tasty things for you. Due to popular demand, earrings now in the shop! And a couple of other treats too, just click on this post and come have a look. Lend me your ears and hear all about the Cat Skull Earrings in black and Bison Skull Earrings in white and black.
Black Cat Skull Earings
White Bison Skull Earings
Black Bison Skull Earings
These are made of our usual nylon plastic so they are super light and comfortable, can hardly feel them on. Also in the shop, lend me your fingers and they will be bitten off, new Red version of the Shark Fin ring.
Red Shark Fin Ring
And for an extra treat, lend me your neck and I will leave with your head, a playful new photo shoot for the Cleaver necklace. Also in Gold plated and Bronze plated.
Steel Cleaver Necklace
You are starting to run out of body parts since you lent them all to me, so I'll be off now.

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