Love Models: Meet Rebecca Goldie, the girl in red.

Meet Rebecca, the seductive redhead that ensnares with her eyes and feminine wiles! She hypnotised us with her spells and easily wins the title of 'Femme Fatale' with her looks. She also happens to love Khal Drogo so extra kudos for this! ;) —- <3
Rebecca 09
Name: Rebecca Goldie Age:  20
Rebecca 07
Location: Scotland Who is Rebecca Goldie: A professional model and modelmaker
Rebecca 06
Describe your style:  Edgy and unforgettable
Rebecca 01
How do you rock your #RogueAndWolf in your style and outfits, any style tips?:  The pieces I have are very edgy, dark and Gothic I love complimenting them with deep lipsticks and clothes that turn heads.
Rebecca 04
Favourite Sin: Lust of course If red was out of stock: Black Current Crush:  Khal Drogo Or Marilyn Manson (I have a strange taste in men!) Best style advice: Be yourself and inspire. your a leader not a follower
Rebecca 02
Music: Rock Plans for 2024: In 2024 I hope to be living the dream either in Canada or America doing my dream job working in the film industry or making my modelling my long time career!
Rebecca 05
Can't get enough of this girl in red? Check Rebecca out here and follow her for more stunning shots:
Instagram - becca_girl_in_red
Facebook - RebeccaGoldieModel

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