Old Steeling goodness!

Adding a sprinkle and a dash of colour, we have been loving your 'Old Steel' looks. Here are a just a couple of our favourite combinations!
Here's one to get you witches ready for the Summer. @daynevalkyrie matching the 'Rune' ring and the 'Occult' midi ring along with the 'Eclipse' necklace to make sure you look witchin' great for them days at the beach.  
This snap is just a total treat of witchin' goodness! The 'Spirit', 'Rune' and 'Bind' rings all complementing each other with the 'Remember' necklace bringing everything in together!
We can't wait to keep seeing more of your Old Steeling goodness combinations witches ... keep em' coming! See you all very soon.... Laura.H :D

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