Witches of the Week!

There has been some seriously awesome photos you witches have sent in over the past week, here are just a few of our favourite snaps on our Instagram!
IFTTT rogueandwolf
 The 'Occult' midi with the 'Rune' and 'Queen of Hearts Crown' ring in 'Old Steel' with them awesome claws on the beautiful @leighdicksonartistry 
IFTTT lyanna_iris
 So much love for this... @lyanna_iris rocking the 'Eclipse' necklace as a headpiece and the 'Mandala Lotus' temp tattoo along with that awesome witch doll makeup!
IFTTT nikiskinoir
   Spell casting! The 'Occult' and 'Priestess' midi and 'Rune' ring all in matte black stand out with them stunning claws by @nikisknoir 
IFTTT maddieluu (2)     
Standing out with the 'Rune' and 'Moonchaser' rings in matte black to make a statement at the coven on the total witch doll @maddieluu
IFTTT peche_gourmand   
A total treat of matte black goodies rocked here by @peche_gourmand 
We have loved your snaps from this past week Witches! Keep em' flying in to our Instagram and see your snaps here next week!

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