Witches of the Week!

It's Wednesday already?!? Over this past week you have again sent in some wicked snaps, here are just a few of our favourites.. There where so many to choose from argh!!  


The doll @kimiperi with the 'Rune' ring in 'Old Steel' and some serious hand tatz!


IF.F (1) 

Looking badass as ever @roseshock rockin' the 'Obey' 'Occult' and 'Worshipper' midis and the 'Bison Skull and Bones' ring amidst the stand out 'Mandala' temp tattoo!


IFTTT luna_celeste87

 Covered in complete witchin' gear @luna_celeste87 combining 'Old Steel' and matte blacks to make a statement at the coven!  


IF.f (2)

'Betray', 'Occult' and 'Hunt' midis all in matte black to match with everything else! How wicked are them super spell casting claws on the gorgeous witch @deathcandy!    



Completely in love with this make up by @makeupbykelfey looking wickedly witchy with the 'Rune' inspired design!

We have loved your snaps from this past week Witches! Keep em’ flying in to our Instagram and see your snaps here next week! When you have a spare few minutes from casting your spells go ahead and check out our Pinterest page! :)

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