Witches Of the Week!

Your snaps keep getting better and better! It's getting harder to choose between them, here are our favourites from the past week on our Instagram :)

            IFTTT rogueandwolf

Covered in matte black and 'Old Steel' @missjazminad looking stunning in here witchy gear!


 IFTTT pariahs.muse

 Such a beautiful snap of the 'Rune' ring and roses from the fab @pariahs.muse


IFTTT rogueandwolf (1)

The 'Hunt' and 'Chase' ring with the 'Eclipse' necklace in matte black on the beautiful doll @miranda_ibanez!


 IFTTT rogueandwolf (2)

Wow! So in love with these witchy claws complete with some Rogue and Wolf rings in 'Old Steel'. The 'Hunt', 'Rebel' and 'Betray' middle-knuckle ring  making a statement for the coven! Snap from @alienmudchild 



@kimiperi Rockin' the 'Rune' ring in 'Old Steel' amidst some awesome finger tatz!

Loved your snaps this week witches!

Keep em' coming and  find yours here next week!

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