NEW and vamped up website, opening with treats!

Hey guys! We're finally back and better than ever with a newly built and customised E-commerce platform!

You spoke and we listened. All the reported bugs have been fixed, including that nasty security warning some of you encountered through mobile browsing. Yay! Your whole shopping experience will now be smooth and more enjoyable! So grab your broomsticks and join us in ceremony.

It has been a back and forth process for months, but we got there in the end and oh was it worth it! We're back with treats! Firstly, your previous account with us has vanished. Not to worry because making a new one has become much simpler and you receive a whopping 500 Spell Points, to collect or cast and make magic. :) For your convenience, you can now also log in with either your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Google account! If you want to be the first to receive sale and exciting news, make sure you do!
That's not all..

If you know us, with good news, we bring even better news. A SALE! To celebrate of course! Come join the Cult and get spoilt witchin' with sale prices. Not good enough? Apply your 500 Spell Points by signing up to the new website, to reduce a further £5 off your order. (Equivalent to around $8 if you're outside the UK). :D All the rewards for your points are fully explained on the website. Just click on 'Spell Points' at the bottom of the page.

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