Witches of the Week!

Argh! It's September already! Time is flying by and so are seriously awesome snaps! Our cauldron is overflowing with witchin' love... It's fab! Scroll down and see if you have been featured this week! 
The striking sorceress @mariaamanda_official, making her witchy statement at the coven. 'Old Steel' and 'Matte Black' making a perfect match! The 'Remember' Necklace, 'Cat Ears' + 'Entrap' rings. Not forgetting the delicate 'Forget' necklace in 'Matte Black'
Always having here Potions & Spells at the ready. Fab shot by @thelauracam with the 'Occult' midi and 'Rune' ring, cos' well, black rules!
CATS! How cute is that shirt. @michelleella is rocking that vampy-esque look in her 'Eclipse' necklace! Looking wicked with her piercings and dark red lipstick to complete her total witchy look!
Rocking the 'Occult' necklace and 'Cat Skull' ring, enchantress @axelvamp. That dagger is totally incredible with some fearless claws to help make some extra magical spells! 
This is what you call fierce hair and brows!! Adorable doll @myluckystar123 rockin' in her favourite jewels! The 'Crescent' Necklace and the 'Occult' midi!
Urghh! It's been super tough choosing through your snaps this week! Want to be featured here next week? Make sure you #rogueandwolf with you wearing your witchy goodies!
Carry on witchin' and enjoy the rest of your week from us! :D <3 --3--="">

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