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We've been on a roll with our Polyvore looks these past two weeks and have been inspired by everything from you guys, to the weather and other brands. Woo. Take a look at what we've come up with and let us know what you think in the comments. :)

First up, we have 'AbraKadabra' emphasis on the K 'cause we featured a lot of Kill Star awesomeness, it was too good not to! Look at that wicked jacket! Seriously need it!! This look is like a badass school chic, from a witch school even, ah how perfect would that be! Our next look is called 'Kitty Kouture', featuring everything 'Old Steel' Kitty from our website obviously! A lovely customer inspired us with this look with her very own puurfect Kitty Off-duty look! Include our products in your sets and we very well may share your look too, we love checking them out!

Next up we have 'Moon Child', featuring magical and mystic moons! Which means our popular 'Eclipse' necklace had to be featured, alongside our 'Ritual' ring of course! It's a total cute look, you could wear for your first day of school and it's a totally transitional outfit which will still look cute without the jumper or with a jacket. Our last look is called 'Late Summer Chill', you might be able to tell that we kind of don't want summer to end so this is our way of trying to think positive about it leaving us. Go enjoy the last bit of sunshine shopping in this outfit for you know, winter clothes. Brrr.

Enjoy the rest of your week witch dolls!

Sophie ♥

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    I’d venrute that this article has saved me more time than any other.

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