Witches of the Week!

Great to see you back here again Witches and Wolves, hope you've had an awesome week! Scroll down and check out if you have been featured here this week! 

Effortlessly creepin' it real, @naye0na in our 'Matte Black' 'Eclipse' necklace. Totally flawless make-up finished of with her witchy locks and magic holding claws. A perfect recipe if you ask us! 


Ultimate Witch powers with her 'Old Steel' jewels at the ready. The 'Priestess' midi + 'Queen of Hearts Crown' ring looking flawless on @divineobscurity ready to get the cauldron bubbling! 


What a wicked witchy look, rocking our Matte Black rings. The 'Hunt' midi + 'Rune' ring making a statement for extra magical spells! In love with this look from @kiharayue!

 Brrr... It's cold outside but still having to look a badass in black. @oliviaemilyx wearing her favourite 'Matte Black' 'Ritual' ring.
We have loved all of your snaps as always this week witches, be sure to keep them coming and you may be featured here next week! We can't wait to see you in our new LUNAE collection! :D <3 --3--="">

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  • Lorren

    Of the panoply of website I’ve pored over this has the most veiarcty.

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