Witches of the Week!

Brooms, wands and cauldrons at the ready. It's that time again! Check out and see if you have landed here this week! 
Covered in innocent flawless vibes and dazzling beauty. @lolaliner adding a witches touch with the 'Eclipse' necklace to make it that statement look. Of course her long witchy locks and on point make-up shows she's totally ready for the coven!
Totally digging this look from @nikiskinoir. With her dark angel vibes, featuring some pretty deadly claws adorned by the 'Occult' midi in 'Matte Black'
 Jeez! Can't get over how perfect these delicately designed claws are by @twangel_nails! Paired with her 'Old Steel' gems, 'Rebel' and 'Chase' rings along with the 'Occult' midi all for that extra mystical look!
Extra cups of coffee needed for them colder mornings that are drawing in... What a perfect excuse! Looking super badass in her 'Matte Black' goodies, @oklahomaandnicole wearing her 'Occult' midi + 'Eclipse' necklace like a boss! 
Rockin' out in Rogue + Wolf is what you do best! Get out your goodies and stand out in them! Make sure you tag us with #rogueandwolf and be featured here next week! :D
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