Halloween makeup envy

It's almost here, so close! Obviously we are talking about Halloween, it's all we can think about! Keeping it creepy and a whole lotta freaky. You witches are giving us some awe-inspiring ideas. These Halloween makeup looks has got our blood curdling with envy! We can't let you miss out on these awesome creations, check them out. If you dare! 


A creak in the night is sure to give anyone a fright once they see @roseshock's pretty spooky makeup! With an extra insight into the unknown with her third eye, this witch sure knows how to have the best Halloween makeup!

Not settling for less continuing her look with a long black cape to blend in with the night. Blue, purple and pink locks together with fiercely sharp claws. Pulling off her spectre look with of course Rogue + Wolf jewels, the 'Hunt' and 'Obey' midis and the 'Bison Skull and bones' ring. 

Witchin' hell, you wouldn't wan't to come across @mahafsoun in your paths. This look will linger with you like a bad spell. Head to toe in ghostly attire with some crazy face paint art/work, made to scare. Add some ghostly white contacts to show off the demon in you with some long dark claws perfect for a gruesome showdown. Catching eyes with her witchy 'Dream' ring.



 Preparation is key to Halloween this why this doll has her look to a T! From hair to gowns  @vanillasyndrome totally knows how to rock at Halloween. Purple on black makes for a perfect witchy combination. Her jewels showing she is a true witch keeping her kitty close alongside her 'Cat Skull' ring in 'Matte Black' and her 'Occult' midi in 'Old Steel'. Not shying away from her dark side with the addition of some devil red contacts and pale white makeup. A perfect witch's look! 

Executing her look with charms and potions this skeleton appearance by @hermon0logue is freakin' sick! Her 'Dagger' choker defo shows she is game for some serious sorcery. Kick back and chuck on a simple skeleton outfit, sorted! Now more time to work on your spells! 

Eeek! The big day is tomorrow, we are totally obsessed with all of your incredible looks! You are gonna rock' Halloween. Hope you have enjoyed this special Halloween edition of Style Envy!

We can't wait to see your pics from over the weekend! Have a spooky one! We sure will!

Laura :) 


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