Witches of the week!

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer. Perfect! More time to practise a bit of trickery. Of course you're are all looking freakishly awesome whilst doing this as we have seen from our cult on Instagram! Scroll a tiny bit down, it could be you who has made their way into the witches books this week!


Goth damn! Ring game strong by the colossal witch @thejoanaflowersshow. With her claws glistening in the background capturing the moon vibes from our new LUNAE collection with the 'Hecate' midi in the 'Matte Black'. Not forgetting our longer reining gems the 'Occult'  'Queen of Hearts Crown' rings and the 'Eclipse' necklace.

Giving it all out fierce with her witchy feels @visamona. Upping her spell-casting skills covering herself in Rogue + Wolf. The 'Rune' and 'Occult' midi 100% give her that hellish look every badass gal craves. We can't ignore how perfect that makeup is, contour heaven! So much magical perfection. 


Dressed to impress in fishnets. @laurenwym sure knows how to work her witchy style whilst out and about. Black with blacks is always the perfect match. The 'Chonos', 'Bison Skull and Bones' and the 'Occult' ring totally show who's boss. With dark sharp claws this doll is certain to catch eyes at the coven.

Emptying her casket and covering herself in Rogue + Wolf @rheamirabilis looks effortlessly enchanting in her magical goodies! The 'Eclipse' necklace, 'Occult' and 'Rhea' midi look fetching with her bold blue locks.

We can't wait to see more of your snaps over the festive period, make sure you tag us with #rogueandwolf Keep it spook! Laura :)

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