Witches of the week!

Firing up and conjuring the perfect witch look this week. With a casket full of spell stopping looks to wow everyone at the coven, scroll down for some stand out ideas! 

If you've got it haunt it! That's sure what the fierce doll @la_madame_noir is totally working here! Sporting her fave Rogue + Wolf gem, the 'Matte Black' 'Eclipse' necklace. Taking her dark side up a notch, showing outright who really is boss with long black locks and a lace top. Outfit on point. Check!

Badass babe @nary_en, in a concoction of finishes from 'Old Steel' to 'Matte Black'. The 'Hunt' midi, so nice she's wearing it twice, along with more magical midis the 'Occult' and 'Rune'. Glitzy and glam claws in black and gold helping towards them charms and potions. 

Hook, line and sinker. Total sass overload from her witchy realm right to the coven. @veronicaanacleti overflowing with cuteness in a witch's most prized possession the 'Eclipse' necklace. Black on black with pointy hats and perfect eye liner, this gal defo knows a thing or two about freakin' out in style. 

All blacked out in 'Matte Black' jewels, is what you witch's do best! All pumped up and ready to show off her shinies to the world. @wioleth rockin' her midis, the 'Lupus' + 'Hunt', as well as the 'Bison Skull and Bones' + 'Occult' ring. Keeping her claws simple yet flawless this look is so one not to forget! 

We hope this edition of Witches of the Week has got you thinking of some wicked looks! We can't wait to see more of your sorcery styles over the next week! Make sure you put in a quick comment bellow so we can see which look you fancied the most! See you next week! Laura :) 

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