Black Envy

What's a witch's favourite colour? Wait, that's a pretty stupid question. Of course it's black! Duh! So, today we are turning the spotlight of this weeks envy all the way back to the coven and all about black, black and more black! Ahh bliss... Cast your black lovin' spells and find some awesome ideas below! 

In a rush to add a sprinkle and a dash of magic to her cauldron. This witch defo doesn't have to worry how to style her day. In an enchanting flowing gown laced with spiders webs running all the way to the floor with a much needed fedora hat. Topping this look with of course her 'Matte Black' rings, the 'Occult' and 'Rune' midi amidst the 'Chronos' ring. Adding dark eye makeup and perfect eyeliner, giving her look the spell factor. 

Witch vibes at it's fullest, with attire as black as her soul this gothic gal is working this pitch black look perfectly. Adding a cast of badass with her 'Moon Phase' temp finger tatz and her 'Rune' ring. Striking a pose and standing out, her super long sharp claws, loose black top and her finishing black hat. Major editorial vibes!

Divine and edgy, voodoo doll hypnotising anyone in her way. Sweeping in a black creeping it cool crop top. Revealing her inner hellish urban side showing she is a witch with some serious attitude. Keeping the sorcery potions flowing, wearing her 'Matte Black' 'Rune' midi. So diggin' this whole look. Work this look out and about or on your travels. 

What the punk? Inner sinner making everyone aware she is the ultimate doll, not that she has too! Trimmed in Rogue + Wolf bling. The 'Worshipper', 'Rune' and 'Occult' midis along with the 'Cat Skull' and 'Rule' rings. Total winged eyeliner goals and blood red lips firing away in a go to basic wardrobe essential black top. A casual outfit perfect to wear on a Sunday don't you agree?!

Black is always best. We hope you have loved this edition of style envy just as much as we have. Which look do you think you could rock the best witches? Comment below and let us know, we would love to hear from you! Make sure you keep tagging us on Instagram with #rogueandwolf can't wait to see more of your awesome looks! See you next week, Laura :) 

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