Witches of the Week!

Galloping over to you this week we are jam packed full of unicorns, spells and mermaids. Just a typical day really! We know you love the madness, and that's sure what you are getting this week with these spell stopping awesome pics. Go a head, take a closer look! 

Pastel goth princess livening up her glam look. @lolaliner, casting some serious spells in her LUNAE collectives. This enchanting mermaid looking a million spells with her hypnotising look in them striking sunnies. Mix and matching 'Matte Black' and 'Slate Steel', this gal is looking enchanting in her 'Rhea' choker, 'Hecate' ring and 'Rhea' midi. Let's just take a moment to appreciate how awesome they look with beaut them claws!

Unicorn, colours and stars, can this get any more magical? Well, there could only be one way, @tiffyquake could also be rockin' the 'Matte Black' 'Rhea' choker hehe. Top flight magic level has defo been reached. Keeping it casual this witch shows you can look totally awesome for any impromptu days out. 

Taking it back to the darkness with straight up, goth damn! This smokin' hot look from @depechegurl is gonna tear up the stage at the coven. 100% witch babe showing what looking flawless really means. Wearing her 'Matte Black' 'Lupus' necklace this looks nothing but enchanting along with her cauldron black lippy and on fleek eye makeup. 

If her spells are as wicked as her look, witch doll @wioleth defo has some charms up her sleeves. Sporting a edgy 'Matte Black' collection of Rogue + Wolf shines. Including the 'Eclipse' necklace, 'Hunt', 'Bison skull and Bones' and 'Lupus' rings. With her pristine pale skin and lusciously long locks this gal has the freaky factor and we love it! 

With your pics coming at us faster than we can say witch, we are lovin' seeing you guys working your jewels and we can't wait to see more! Keep them firing in and don't forget to tag us with #rogueandwolf and get yourself featured here next week! See you then, Laura :) 


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