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Witchin' hell! We have hit 100k on Instagram, thank you so much to all of you witches and rogues. This week we are going to take it back to see how we love seeing you style your goodies the best. All about claws! You never fail to up our envy with your awesome claws and we're here to show you the best!

Alluring in black beauty. Sultry look from goth goddess @nikiskinoir in nothing but black. Styling with a beaut red rose to make this look one not too forget. Covered in her fave midis and ring, the Occult and Priestess not forgetting the Rune ring. Going together in harmony with them perfectly witchin' claws, in a stunning shiny black to catch every eye. The only addition for this look could be more black, this ones defo for the spell books. 

This is some next level freakyness style. Sparklin' in her Old Steel shinies, Hunt, Rune and Betray with some devilish red tip claws and about to cast some killer spells to get the coven all up in magic. This minimalist elegant look is sure to have people turning heads in envy.

Dazzling in with her strong badass vibes, claws and Old Steel gems. @leighdicksonartistry, adorned in her fave Rogue + Wolf goodies. Hellish claws with a pure and simple design. The Rune and Queen of Hearts Crown ring with the Occult midi, looking totally epic full of witch love. Add some of your fave Matte Blacks to your ring game for an ultimate sinner look. 

Thanks for tuning in to this weeks nail envy, lets us know which style killed it most for you in the comments section! We've sure been inspired by these epic claws and might just be calling up the nail technician this weekend with a hella lot of requests. Speaking of requests, if you've got any for our future Style Envy posts don't hesitate to let us know what you'd love to see. Have a good one dolls, Laura :) 

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