Unveil the SALE!

Witch witch, spells & tricks
This is big, so grab your broomsticks
We hit a 100k and a quest is under way
It will send you into overload, if you manage to crack the code
So stay tuned this week, for it will get leaked
One letter a day, that's all we can say!!

We hit 100k on Instagram earlier than we expected and were so grateful we decided to thank you guys with a coupon code straight away. Little did you know we have been planning something freakishly big and since all good things come to those who wait a quest will determine your fate! (Kind of). From free gifts to mega discounts, creep it real as you learn about this deal.. 

Are you ready for this exploding week that will be worth the treats? Awaiting your spells is a 7 lettered word that will reveal the deal on the 7th day! Find a LETTER buried within a magical image in one of our social media websites once per day until Tuesday. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on our Insta, Pinterest, Facebook, website, Polyvore and Twitter. A clue will be given at each step where you must fly to next.

What will the mystic ball tell you over on our Instagram page tomorrow? Make sure to follow us on each platform and sign up to our newsletter to make sure you don't miss this delight! The first 50 to use the code receive 40% OFF and unlock 500 spell points to use in their future order! Be quick!

Creep it easy witches! Throw us any questions you have in the comments below and all the best with your first quest. Much love, The Rogue + The Wolf family.

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