Winter Envy

Brrr... Colder days are defo setting in and now the Winter clothes are coming out. You witches know a thing or two about layering up and keeping in style, making our envy go wild. Scroll down and take a look at these potion warming looks. 

Cosy as hell in her oversized knitted jumper, this is just perfect for them lazy days when you just can't be bothered (pretty much everyday aha!) Paired with some light blue denim jeans for that edgy grunge look, topped with a contrasting black belt to pull the whole outfit together. Upping her casual look to a more glam piece with a mix of Old Steel rings. The Rule ring along with the Hunt + Obey midis. Slide into some chillin' black trainers for a complete comfy outfit.

Dressed head to toe in utter witchy lovin' also known as black! Rockin' some killa boots that are sure to make a statement. A laid back T with the beauty of the moon in the middle. All wrapped up in a stunning long black jacket with a majestic hood draping over her. This attire couldn't get any more witchier if it tried. Perfectly pastel locks with the essential addition of the Tooth choker bringing this whole look together magically. 

Sweet sorceress working her exploding witchy wardrobe. Finger tatz and on point jewels with her Old Steel Rune ring, helping execute her look to the full. Starting with some gothicly cool black boots which never go shy from a good look. Layering up with some thick black tights and a cute buttoned denim skirt. A snug everyday navy jumper topped with a dressy coat so you look ready for anything on them long days out.

 All these looks are total must haves for the Winter wardrobe! Comment below which is your favourite Winter wardrobe piece, or why not let us know what envy you would love to read about here next week! Are you keeping up with the quest that is currently happening?! Have an awesome weekend witches, Laura :)


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