Polyvore Looks

The winter weather has got us majorly wrapped up recently so this our take on style ideas to combat coolness in this weeks Polyvore looks! What's the climate like where you are? Are you having to double up on socks or is it still sandal season aha.

Winter Witch style is first up.. Sometimes you just wanna rock a skirt and there 'aint nothing wrong with that. This corduroy one will be lovely and thick adding some extra warmth as well as pairing some knee high socks or tights of course. Some badass boots are the perfect addition to keep you warm in the blizzardy weather. Topped with your rad collection of Old Steel Rogue + Wolf beauties and a dark lip cause there is no better colour to rock in winter!

Stay warm and cosy in this Mystic Dreams look featuring a long blazer to make you look smart as you're wearing your comfiest pair of trainers and a graphic tee to keep it edgy. Pop on your selection of dreamy and mystical R+W jewels and your look is complete! A perfect day-to-day college look when you plan to hit up the shops after. A snugly large scarf would also look great with this outfit if it's extra cold where you are!

The final look this week is Creep it Cool, a great attire to rock when you're hanging with your fellow witches. The perfect comfortable leggins and shirt are always a go to look in our book. Our Matte Blacks are sure to switch your look from bland to badass when you're looking for the effortless cool look! The bomber jacket is a perf addition when you're constantly walking from outdoors to indoors so you can easily pop it on and off.

Don't forget to give us your opinions on this weeks styles in the comments below and tell us which look is your fave! Take it easy dolls. ♥

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