Witches of the Week!

You are in for a real treat coven, three of you lucky witches have had extra magical powers this week and have gained a spot on Witches of the Week! Have you made it this week?! 

Hell yeah to the much loved Eclipse necklace! @thejoanaflowersshow, and her kitty sidekicks taking centre stage. Witchin' her day up with a Wednesday Addams inspired look, only the best for the witches of the week. 

Brewing up a storm with her beautiful piece of Fluorite, @oliviaemilyx defo gets witch points for this stunning pic!  With the addition of the new LUNAE collection wearing her Slate Steel Lupus ring and an old fave the Ritual ring in Matte Black. Finished off with a beaut shine of black claw polish, this one defo takes a dive for the cauldron. 

This gal has wicked attitude not to be messed with. Adorned in a array of Matte Black gems, @dreamingdarkstars is rockin' necklace's to midis. With the Chronos and Draco ring to the Hecate midi and Eclipse necklace. Making a spell-tastic match of witchy jewels. With a gothic touch of purple locks we totally adore this look, giving her the much deserved spot to be one of the witches of the week!

Your snaps this week have freaked us out, you all totally rock coven! Make sure you keep them coming so you have the chance to be featured here next week! Enjoy the rest of your week witches, Laura :) 

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