Goth Envy

Bringing you some gorgeous grungy girls, we're back back from the New Year with a black bang! We might have you leaving with a bit of envy but it's all good think of it more like inspo for your next hellish look! Check out who's got gold with their gothic style below..

First up we have the not so basic witch, @oliviaemilyx kicking it in some dark deadly boots. This moonchild sure looks cute and cosy from H to T in her soft looking mohair jumper, paired perfectly with a school girl skirt in no other than black plaid! Bringing it back to a more grungy style she is rocking some fishnet tights and over the knee socks to keep her warm. The final pieces completing her look is the perfect witchy backpack and gorgeous ginger locks and of course her Rogue and Wolf, LUNAE goodies.

Landing her gothic style and pulling out drastic measures showing who's the real boss in the coven. We are in floods of envy with this next look by the totally awesome witch babe @wioleth. Taking it back to the roots of the totally wicked Addams Family, with a freakin' awesome Wednesday inspired look. That ghost white collar with a black dress and continuing black cape flowing to the floor. Finish this thrilling look, slip on some statement boots with a killa heal or some studded flats if your flying about during the day. Adding her sorcery goodies the Hunt midi and Bison Skull and Bones ring to vamp up her truly magical look. 

Last on their broom but by all means not least, is this epic attire from @elena-skinnybags, leaving us in serious awe. Starting of with them beaut boots and a jet black top flowing over long black tights. Giving her look that extra edge with the Rune midi, shiny red claws and the epic bag. Topped with a witches favourite, a black fedora hat to finish this look to perfection. 

These gothic gals have defo showed us a thing or two how to rock the perfect badass witch look. Comment below which is your fave look or how you rock the perfect gothic style. Have a wicked weekend cult! Laura :) 


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