Polyvore Looks

Who's up for another week of grungy witch looks?! We sure are ready to show you how busy we've been this week, so let's get to it! :D

Starting off with a party look cause even though the New Year celebrations are over that doesn't mean you have to stop the partying! We hope you celebrated with a bang while looking the bomb and had a good one dolls. Babe in Black is totally a killer number and would have you looking fierce at any event! If only there was one to go to! Do you have anything coming up party wise witches?


Black Blood is next up, which is all about back to school cool (LAME), we know you're done with all that all ready so rocking up like you're ready for a funeral is the one! No one is gonna be messing with you in this too cool to care attire, making it the perfect look to rock everywhere! Our Matte Blacks give it that extra bit of badass to add to your sass.


If you're Dreams aren't Dark you're doing it wrong. Kidding, we all like a hint of pink with rainbows and unicorns too! This outfit screams 'I'm cute but I will bite you' and 'cute but physco' vibes, right?! Dark Dreams features a cute pink tee, some hella hellish boots and Rogue and Wolf gems making it the great twist to an all girly look. Are you all goth, unicorn or mix of both?

All our looks are perfectly beaut but we have to take in the weather so here is one that you witches can rock in the almost Antarctic weather AND still look stylish! Throw on your fave printed tee you've been dying to wear with some cute ripped shorts (or jeans if it's tooo chilly!) and layer up with a jumper, tights, thick socks and some grungy boots! Layering is the coolest way to walk out the house and get people thinking you've made the effort, so throw on all your fave R+W goodies and work it witches!!

So we hope you liked the variety of looks this week dolls! Tell us in the comments which is your fave and least fave, or maybe what you'd like to see more of. Creep it surreal witches! - Sophie ♥

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