Wig Envy

Cooking up the heat this week with something that all you lovely lot have inspired us with. Who wants that same old look erryday? Exactly! We are firing in some epic envy that is sure to inspire any witch and spice up your hellish look. What better way to up your look than with some super stylish wigs! Scroll down for enchanting inspo, you're just gonnah love! 

Kicking it off wonderfully in vibrant pinks and pastel shades. This rock chick well and truly looks tiptop, spiralling our envy out of control. This gal's short cut wig looks a million spells all curled into perfection. Omg, how much easier would this be than having to do it yourselves luvs! keeping that cute sheek look with an array of stunning eye-shadow colours that will get everyone racing. Flat out leaving this look to be completed by some, of course you guessed it. Rogue + Wolf Rings, here in the glam Old Steel finish. 

Taking it to a different dimension to cast her spells in, @elisanth rebelling against basic. Just what we love to hear right! Woah them eyes are totally drawing us in to her gorgeous dark purple locks, with a super stylish witchy twist. Vamping up with attitude and a touch of magic as she sports the Old Steel Rune ring. This is a look that defo hits perfection but can always be changed by the awesome power of wigs. Maybe style up with a lighter pastel colour or a darker red as anything goes for a witch! 

Blue witchin' beauty dressed to perfection in all black. @vanillasyndrome, is working her way through to being the boss witch in this flight stopping wig. Long dark blue locks and everything you could ever want. Our envy for this look doesn't stop there. Soft purple lips for the day or add a darker look for when your heading out on a night. Accessories are key to give you that full on must have look. The Hunt ring sure does just that here. What other Rogue + Wolf goodies would you add to this look cult?

Rewinding back to a witches roots. @roseshock looking jaw droopingly gorgeous here in a black to light ombre coloured wig. This freakishly awesome wig is a must for all you dark gals out there, I am so on the look out for one! Her stunning complete makeup is a vision that could never fail. Teaming up with the Bison Skull choker, and making our envy scream form more. 

That's it. I'm going out to get tonnes of wigs, this could be fun! Which one rocks your boat the most luvs? Comment below we would love to hear what you think to these. Why not send in a pic of you outdoing your wigs and make sure you #rogueandwolf. We can't get enough of your looks.Have a wonderful weekend cult! Laura :) 

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