Bag Envy

*Warning the following may contain extremely envious content* Well, you was warned! This weeks edition of Style Envy will send you into a day dream that is 100% real. Why?! Well, we have some very hazardous envy arriving your way that comes in the form of bags! That's right cult, bags, ones that the only daring will be seen wearing.

Flying in with full impact and nothing short of an absolute gem. Nothing can take our eyes of this flawless clutch, well apart from the rings. This hella beauty of a bag doesn't just end here, the fully vegan leather makes us melt and is sending us right to the shop now! Vampy red lining with a cool strap is set to scare anything basic. Nothing could be more fitted to this bag than our Rogue + Wolf goodies, here all impressin' in Matte Black

This ones for all you fiery witches out there that love a bit of detail to their look. Glam but defo not too glitzy, this clutch bag is perfect for a night out. Be it out for a meal and them spontaneous ideas to hit the town, (they're always the best) you always know with this look you are sure to shine. Stackin' up her fingers with these Matte Black beauties. The Priestess midi and Ritual ring conquering all with them dangerous red claws. Kick this look back up and add some Old Steel or even our new Slate Steel rings and you're fully ready for a late night. 

Now this one is a total killa! Casting a spell right on our envy, blowing it up into something huge. Love, love, love this bag. This is one to make all the goth gods proud. This Killstar McGoth  unhappy meal handbag is one for the wishlist. With a badass chain, this bag can be taken anywhere especially to scare. Super fierce bat detailing rips our envy up and wishes we had our claws all over that bag right now! Rocked up with the Old Steel Occult midi, this is seriously what spells are made of.

That was a whole lotta envy right there, think we need a moment to take all of that in! Which look has you lusting for more cult? Leave us a comment, we would love to hear what you're thoughts are. Have a creepy weekend luvs, Laura :) 


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  • Rose

    I love your clutch’s. Is there anyway I could order one? Thanks you. Rose

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