Witches of the Week!

Just as we asked you have fired plenty of weird and wonderful shots our way, mix n' matching all finishes. Have you made your way here this week?

Exploding their way right to the top, @damnoire with a truly enchanting shot. Workin' them spells like no ones watching with the help of her trusty Witch Jewelry. Her Old Steel gems, the Occult midi and Rune ring, making way for something truly magical. Fearless tatz give this gal the witch-factor she deserves. 

We reckon this was sent in by the Goth gods, what you think?! Ultimate enchantress @threnodyinvelvet, churning her combo of Slate Steel and of course Matte Black into nothing but goodness. Bringing her no misfortune in spells, here in LUNAE to Witch's Hawk goodies. 

Minimalistic but 100% not basic, @yoomei is workin' her fave black rings. Unicorns, mermaids and of course elves sure know how to make something simple into a killa risky look. We completely obsess over it Making her presence clear in midis to rings, the Hunt, Rune and Corrupt pointing in the right direction to show this gal where to fly to next. 

Witch in her Winter wonderland, or wasteland for some! Impressin' by not forgettin' her Rogue + Wolf gems. The Eclipse necklace and Moonchaser ring bringing her look to a halt full of witchin' goodness. Treckin' out and about in her own world, @hopkinschristie doing it right for the wicca world. 

Nothing short of love here from your wonderfully magical pics. We are super stoked to see what's to come real soon. Wanna see your witchy self here next week? Send in a snap on Instagram and #rogueandwolf wearing a awesome combo of your R+W jewels. Can't wait to see them, love Laura :) 


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