Polyvore Looks

Who's feeling a selection of minimal all-black looks witch-dolls?! Who ISN'T feeling it, would be the real question. Let's go ahead and get your cauldron bubbling with inspo for another week of how to look bomb in black..

Urban Get-up is the baby of today's Goth looks and is perfect for those of you who want to work your way into a hellish grunge outfit. Advice? Just go for it witch-dolls, it all starts with being confident in what you wear and you'll start to feel the bomb! This outfit is great day or night, just switch the top for something you feel comfortable to dance around in and don't forget your witchin' accessories

This is the perfect look for when you're up to some Weekend Madness. Get your bags and go enjoy a weekend away with your girls or boyf in this lil number. Stick some flats in your bag for when you're on the plane and exploring a new city but switch it back to the rad boots for a fancy meal and night-out shenanigans.


Could it get any more grungy than Killa Bite? This is one badass look for those of us with the darkest souls. Those hella fierce platforms definitely turn this look from Bite, to Killa Bite aha. Would you rock this, like you're waiting for a funeral. Betray and Lupus sure add the final witchy touch, don't you think.

Last up but certainly not least is Hellish Vibes, and that it is! Skin-tight goodness mixed with knee-highs, claws and magickal jewels calls for one show stopping look. If you're looking for something to drop jaws, this is it. If it's a little too much for you swap the knee-highs for some lil stilettos, you can even ditch the dress for a leather skirt and a top that's less revealing. Either way your accessories and confidence will keep you looking deadly!

We hope you found something that you believe will make the Goth gods proud this week lovelies. Did you have a favourite? Let us know in the comments. Have a mystical week dolls, Sophie.

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