Witches Of The Week!

We are getting all witchy up in here, basically a normal day. Well if you could call it normal! We have spotted you working your magic and trust us, there's a whole load of it! Spells galore and witchin' styles we've got it right here. Scroll down, you don't miss a spell!

Killin' and thrillin' making a toxic statement at the coven. @carriebou facing the world with her fierce attire, black dress, white collar n' a jet black fedora hat. Working her magic completing her look the only way a witch knows how, placing her Rune midi on her spells casting claws, guaranteed to drop jaws. 

Flashing off her deadly look that only the brave can keep their eyes on! Bringing out the Matte Black madness on this one, @alannabow rocks it to the full. With a epic combo of the Obey, Rebel and Chase rings. Loading up her book of spells, and strong ones at that! 

Gorgeous green locks, perfect for a mermaid doll in Rogue + Wolf jewels! @rachelferranmnx_pro reppin' and doubling up this hellish look with Lupus X2, the choker and ring. Stand out claws vamping up this look to the max, freakin' out everyone in sight. 

Hitting the spot in them blacks and nudes! @bluehairdontcare_mua, upping her charms and potions from the Betray and Rune ring. Sure to get the cauldrons bubbling, grabbing her broom in time for the flight to the coven. Her Matte Black rings are sure to get her there in style, fashionably late, as always! 

Last up is our Goth goddess in all black everything. Total fiery beauty @threnodyinvelvet stylin' her risky look and stirring up the pot. From midis to rings, the Hecate and Occult  joined by the Rune and Lupus.                 
You are seriously upping your witch game loves! We are just about taking in all of your sorcery pics that we absolutely adore. Still awaiting to see your pic be featured here? Keep em' coming and fire in a comment below to up your chances of being feautured! For now, stay witchy. Love Laura :) 

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