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Welcome to our weird world of magic, nightmares and unicorns. You're gonna love it! We are back and this time with vengeance, flying at you in the form of deadly envy to get your ideas twisting and turning. Make sure you are on high alert, this week we've got a lovin' for a witch in a skirt. 

Owning the coven and lookin' edgy af. Prone to the throne, Deathcandy is always on top form when it comes to making a statement. Stylin' a checked skirt with the colours borrowed from a mermaid. A badass harness on top of a crystal white shirt, warning "Goth" and showing she ain't a witch to be messed with. Gearing up her claws with the Matte Black Rule ring. Bubbling up our envy at it's best. 

Looking the bomb comes easy to doll Nikiskinoir. Taking a risk with a match made in heaven, or hell for you badass babes. Killin' it in a matching 2 piece, a skirt and cropped top in blood red, black and a cast of white. Firing up her sins in Matte Black midis. As for you nocturnal lot, keep your charm and add some Slate Steel for the night. 

A walking nightmare, but a dream in our world. Oliviaemilyx ain't no basic gal, embracing her inner Moon child. Knee high socks and bold black boots for them nights you are staying on the ground. Keeping it cool with minimal effort in a checked skirt perfect for a little shop or meeting up with the cult. A touch of Rogue + Wolf to make a miss into a hit. Who else is diggin' this look?! 

We wanna see you shakin' up these ideas and adding in your own dark ingredients to the cauldron. Can you accept the challenge? Write your own style spell below on how you would spice up these skirts and make em' your own. Can't wait to hear your ideas loves. Stay dark and witchy, love Laura :) 

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  • Laicee

    I’m not quite sure how to say this; you made it exetmrely easy for me!

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