A Bit Of Certainty In These Uncertain Times

A Bit Of Certainty In These Uncertain Times

Hey witches! 🔮 As the world faces uncertain times we just wanted to assure everyone, as we have been asked a few times, that we are still open and running as normal! (Well, as normal as can be!) ⁠

Last week we took action to implement social distancing and started working remotely from home. ✨ We're proud to say everything is running smoothly, and as long as the postal service is open for business (absolutely huge love and respect to them!), so are we! ❤️⁠

We can't stress enough the importance of social distancing. It sucks, but if we power through and follow the advice we will get through this! ✊⁠

We hope you are all safe and well wherever you are. Look after yourselves and one another! Remember we're all in this together!⁠

Much love from the R+W team! 💕⁠

P.S. We want to extend our gratitude not only to our key workers in the postal service, but to all key workers everywhere, whether you work at a medical facility, a bank, a grocery store, a school... the list goes on! We are very privileged to be able to run our business from our homes. You guys that still have to go out to work every day are heroes ❤️


  • Melinda X Dawson

    You guys are amazing. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your page. Keep up the great work and be safe.


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