Bite to Eat?😈

Insta' has been poppin' with some tasty treats lately and we just wanna sink our fangs into them!
Kitchen sorcery for sure!

Galaxy Nicecream has our taste buds flying around space! @sobeautifullyreal used Black sesame, frozen banana, vanilla & a dash of activated charcoal to create a bowl of galaxy heaven!

Totoro, and soot sprites, we aren't sure that we could eat this because it's too freaking cute!
Food Artist @leesamantha creates food with a story... love it. 


Drooling over this vegan blueberry and vanilla banana ice cream with coconut chips, @flourishinghealth creates stuff of dreams!

This ones for all you pastel goths n' unicorn lovers. Unicorn macaroons @nutmegandhoneybee, life made! 

Hey you! You can close your mouth now haha! 
I hope you loved these magical creations as much as we did!
Don't forget to share your pics with us at #rogueandwolf
❤️ Much Love ❤️ Lexi ❤️ 

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