Hey witches! The world is going through a crazy time at the moment and many of us are scared and anxious. It's important for us not to lose our heads, but there are some simple measures we can put in place to help slow the spread of this rotten disease. 

Why is it important to slow the spread? A lot of people believe that this new virus is not as bad as the media make out, and it's true that for many who will catch it it will not be a serious condition. But for those in our society who are more vulnerable, the elderly and people with underlying health conditions, it's deadly serious, and we need to work as a collective to protect those who are at risk. ❤️ It's also important to slow the spread to enable our medical facilities to cope. If thousands of people suddenly fall ill, as we have seen in some countries, hospitals quickly reach capacity and are unable to care for all those in need. By slowing the spread, we can ease the burden on hospitals, which will then allow them to offer better care to those who desperately need it.

Some governments have taken extreme measures to slow the spread of this virus, but some, including our own in the UK, are not acting as fast. But we can! 🙏 We can take it upon ourselves to slow the spread of this disease with social distancing. Sure, it sucks that events are getting cancelled and it really sucks not being able to hang out with your friends and loved ones, but between a few personal inconveniences or risking the lives of lots of people, which would you rather do?

Social distancing is pretty much what it says on the tin, and it will be the most effective measure to slow this disease and protect our most vulnerable in lieu of a vaccine. 💉 Stay at home wherever possible, avoid social gatherings, avoid public transport, do your grocery shop online if possible, no handshakes, no hugs, no high fives. Anything you can think of to avoid coming into contact with other people, do it.  Here at Rogue + Wolf we have already put these measures into place: We took action last week and since yesterday we are each working remotely from home. 🏠

As well limited social contact, we also need to be kind to one another, and help each other where possible. ❤️ Offer assistance to those who need it most, make sure anyone you know of in your area who is at risk has everything they need in order to self-isolate safely. Don't panic buy - by all means make sure you have what you need at home, but don't go nuts. Remember there are people who can't afford to buy a months supply of groceries at a time. Always have other people in your thoughts.

We repeat. Always have other people in your thoughts.

So with that in mind, let's discuss what we can do to keep busy at home. We can make social distancing a lot more enjoyable by sharing ideas for hobbies and activities that we can do while self-isolating. If you relish your time spent at home on your own then now's your time to shine! ❤️

Much love from us here at Rogue+Wolf! Stay calm & stay safe!

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