Current mood: hair envy.

We're always on the lookout here at Rogue + Wolf for witchin' hairstyles, we just can't get enough! Our resident witches have been trawling through Instagram (with some help from yourselves!) to find the most rad hairdos. There's so much crazy talent out there, we can't possibly include everything, so here are just a few of our faves from the last few weeks! ❤️
@nadizombiechu told us she loved her hair this colour, and we can see why! We're going positively bananas for it 🍌🍌🍌

We love dreads and we love green. @felvae has got elven vibes going on! And she seals this whole earthy, mystical look with our 'Bison Skull and Bones' ring. Magic 🌙

Speaking of green, we are green with envy over this Rick & Morty hair do! It's so cool! 😆 @en.lightenup has clearly got a stroke of genius about her!

Next up is @lithunium.snow, a master of hair and makeup. We're just swooning over this Viking-like hairdo, which literally looks amazing on anyone! If ever anyone needed a reason to have long hair, we think this is it 😍

@rheamirabilis just screams gothic beauty, and we are just in love with this vibrant blue hair colour and sleek cut. Super sultry and elegant, with our 'Eclipse' necklace to really seal that ethereal witchy look 💙

Finally we have @redfairyy looking stunning with all the colours of the rainbow in her hair! This is just magical, and proof that when you can't decide which colour to go for, you should just go for them all! 🌈🌈🌈

See you next time, Coven! Remember, we LOVE to see your style, so be sure to check our Instagram regularly for a chance to be featured on our blog! 
Love & magic to you all!
❤️ Rogue+Wolf ❤️

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