Deadly Depictions & Gory Graphics

The blog post you've been waiting for is finally here. I waited to do a Halloween inspired post because there has been so many gruesome creatures and elegant vampires, some really marvellous pieces of art! 

I'm not sure how @abigail_larson topped the last illustration she did for us but she did and it is divine! This sorceress is wearing her 'Black Widow' Cuff as her night creatures pour her a glass of red... or is it?


Russian pencil princess @chip_ka drew this amazing version of Wednesday Adams. She sees this moon child within herself, don't you just love the way the paint has dripped off the page like droplets of blood. 



It wouldn't be a Halloween post without creepy Halloween makeup! The 'Reaper Necklace' is burning away @kroftkat's flesh until she becomes completely possessed. Have you checked out our 'Fangs + Phantoms' collection yet?



'Occult' sits upon the Witch's fingers while her eye watches the world go by. Incredible drawing by @novilunium_eyes, his artwork has such delicate detail yet statement lines. Anyone else think this would make a great tattoo? 



Mystifying artwork from @mateisa_doodles of @beatrizmarianophotography wearing her 'Blood Junkie' #ring. Mateisa is a young self taught artist from Croatia and we can't wait to see more of her insane work. 


Last but not least is the awesome @mariasometimes. I personally adore her work and this autumn creature is rocking her 'Amulet of Possession' necklace. Keep em' coming Maria! 


There has definitely been more of you involving us in your drawings and we really love it!

🎃 Happy Halloween 🎃

❤️ Much Love ❤️ Lexi ❤️ 



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